This is the first word of the month!

I have always been kind of scared of change. I like planning the day ahead and knowing what will happen. And when something happens outside of my plans I can get really frustated. I’m learning that spontaneity can be a good thing.

A lot has changed for me this year. First of all a new school in a new city with new people and a new study. This scared me, but at the same time I felt like I needed it. I felt the urge to have a big change so that I could step outside of my comfort zone. Then starting dance classes again after two years break. I love dancing and it’s one of the things where I feel most happy and free but I had to take a break because of my depression and exams. Also I resigned from my part-time job because I felt unhappy going to work and I don’t think I could take it any longer. I loved talking with the customers and with most of my colleagues but there where some people at my job that would always get me down and I had just found out that someone close to me was terminally ill. Also I’m very close with my sister and we were in the same year last school year but now we’re both going to school in a different city and it feels weird not sitting or talking about everything with her in my breaks. And taking an extra course to get a higher degree in Dutch and getting to know who I am and learning to love myself. What I love, what I want to learn, what I want to improve, what I don’t like etc.

I see change as in growing and improving myself. Change as in changing schools and meeting new people. Change as in not being scared for something anymore. Change as in growing up.

Here are my goals for the month:
– Read one book every week (do any of you have good book recommendations?).

– Try opening up to new people. Let new people in my life.

– Doing my homework immediately after class and don’t postpone it (this is so difficult for me).

What are your goals for the month? And what does change mean for you?

With Love,


Author: justdreamingme

I'm a 18-year old Dutch girl. I study law and I'm passionate about dance, acting, reading and singing. I'm a history nerd and love cats!

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