New things

I’m writing something short on my way to school in the train. I have anxiety. So I’m basically really anxious right now about my first day of school. What if people don’t like me? What if I don’t make friends? What if I do something embarrassing? I’m always thinking about other people’s opinions that I forget to enjoy it. I forget that everyone is new and more people are like me, scared for the unknown.  I made it a goal to experience new things and step outside of my comfort zone. A new school, a new city and new people. This isn’t high school. Everyone in my new class chose to study law for a reason. We all have something in common. So today I will try not to immediately think negative about everything and be open to new things. I want to study law and I will enjoy it.

What are your goals this month? Are some of you also anxious for the new things? Hope you enjoy your day!


Introducing me!


Welcome to my first blog post. I’m a 18-year old girl from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love singing, dancing and acting (so obviously musicals). I also love reading, learning new things, rain, music, family, shopping, being outside and traveling. I’m a cat person, law student and a vegetarian.

Why this blog?

I have been bullied a lot as a child, mostly by the same girl and her group. But still I was always loudly talking in class, had enough ‘friends’ and did what I wanted. Sure I had moments where I broke down in tears and my mom had to comfort me. But overall I was hopeful for the future and I was thankful for having my ‘friends’. After elementary school (basisschool in Dutch) I thought high school ( ‘middelbare school’, the Dutch education system) would be better and I couldn’t wait to go. It started off great. I found immediately new friends and finally felt like I belonged. Long story short, all my old friends left me and my new friends did as well in the same year. This made me have a low self esteem. I didn’t know I was depressed and I was sick a lot. As a result I had to go to a lower education level. More things happened and I became more of a closed person. I have overcome my depression after nearly 5 (or more) years, but some days I still struggle, and I have anxiety. My idea to start this blog was to share my experiences (so I could write my feelings down as I love writing) and help others who are struggling with similar things. What I’ve learned over the last couple of years is that loving, laughing and dreaming made me happy and has helped me to grow. So that explains the blog name. I’m a dreamer with goals for the future and overcoming my fears step by step.

With Love,